The honest Romanian guide

This will be a collection of things Romanians hate or make fun of when someone else does them. But consider them normal if they do them themselves.

  • Say they hate politicians and that they are all thieves. But admit they would do the same thing if they were in their place.
  • Give a Romanian a shovel and a wheelbarrow for free to remove the snow around the house and he will sell them for profit. The snow will stay there until it melts. (link)
  • Curse cars when they change the lanes without a signal. But say they are in a hurry when doing the same thing.
  • They raise the car wipers if another car is parked in the place they use to park. Even though they don’t pay or own that place, they just park there regularly.
  • Each winter people are surprised that is cold, or that it snows. Especially the public institutions and the companies who should keep the roads clean.
  • Complain that people litter and the city is dirty, then throw things on the ground.
  • Music too loud in headphones or on the phone speaker in public.
  • The city is too crowded and there are too many cars on the road. Then drive away in their car or call an uber or a taxi.
  • We should support the Romanian economy and buy things from Romanian producers. Then go in the supermarket and buy things made in Asia, because they are cheaper.