New Home

We try to discuss about our future as often as possible. And I think this is important for all couples.
My favorite discussions with Iarina are related with what we want, what we wish, what we should do.

We both want to have our own home and we discuss a lot about this.

First question is if we are going to stay in Romania, or if we want to move in another country for a few years. Sure this isn’t entirely just our decision. It also depends on what opportunities we encounter, if we get any job offers, etc. There is no point in moving in another country if we are going to live worse that we do right now in Romania.
So if we are going to move to another country we will definitely continue to rent a place. There is no point in buying a home in another country.

If we continue to stay in Romania (right now the most probable outcome) it is possible that we will move to another city.
Bucharest is pretty nice, especially if you are visiting or staying here on short term. But on long term I can’t say I like it that much. It is crowded, it is polluted and it is getting worse.

We are thinking about Sibiu and Brasov. We like both of them and they offer plenty of job opportunities. Sibiu has a big plus because it is closer to Targu Jiu.

And if we stay in Romania we will probably buy an apartment or a house. The other option would be to build a house.
All 3 options have their weak and strong points and we still haven’t decided what to do.
In a few months we have our wedding and we will talk more after it. We will probably take a decision by the end of the year. But a lot of things can happen until then.

small house

Speaking about building a house.
We are thinking about a wood house and I’ve been starting to make some research on this. And I stumbled on this (really great info, but it is in Romanian).