“The Expert”


If you spend a number of years doing something (getting more experienced, learning things, doing mistakes), you start to know what works and what doesn’t, what is good and what is bad. Even if you aren’t that good at the beginning.

Some people will acknowledge this, some won’t. And that is alright, because you can’t know everything and you can always make mistakes.

If someone ask for your opinion you try your best to let them know what you think, because you are a nice person.
And you tell them once, twice, even a tree times. But some people can get over the fact that they are wrong. So what do you do then?

If you got the choice, you just let them be and do what they want. If not, you listen to their opinions, tell them yours, listen to them telling you that you are wrong and how things should be done and then you do what they want. Even if you know that is not the best solution or even a good one.

After a few months they come back to you and ask what is wrong, why aren’t people using it, why is everyone hatting it, why aren’t people more engaged.
And you tell them again what you’ve told them a few months ago.

Then nothing changes..


Some of you may know this, if not watch it, the video illustrates perfect the situation.

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