Can someone read 50 books in a year ?

Short answer is yes.
Long answer .. you can read even more.

When I wrote My wishes for 2017 someone people asked if that is really double, if I can read one book each week (the year has 52 weeks).

The math is pretty simple:

  • an adult reads about 250 words per minute
  • typical non-fiction books have ~50,000 words

50 books * 50,000 words / book = 2.5 million words
2.5 million words / 250 wpm = 10,000 minutes
10,000 minutes / 60 = ~167 hours

So if you read for 30 minutes each day you will read more than 50 books in a year.
Now think how much time you spent in front of the TV each day or how much time you spend on facebook or playing games on your smartphone.
And it is really easy to read these days. You can read paper books, you can read on your phone, you can read on your kindle, you can listen to audiobooks.

I suggest reading this article wrote by Charles Chu, you can find a lot more info there.


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Is it time to move away from Facebook?

Probably yes.
Privacy is a big problem with Facebook. But we already knew this, since we are the product. Even Zuckerberg doesn’t trust Facebook. Remember this pictures from June?

Salim Virani has a really interesting post about this: Get your loved ones off Facebook. And if you have 10-15 minutes, you should give it a read.

If not, here are a few things Facebook already does:

And with the new privacy change there are some other interesting stuff they’ll be doing, things like: tracking what we buy, our financial information (bank account, credit card numbers), tracking our location via our phone’s GPS (everywhere and all the time), and much much more.

This is how Facebook makes money, sells us (and our information) to other companies.

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