Review Philips HC3410

Four months ago I bought this Philips HC3410.
Since then I’ve used it weekly, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a few words about it.

First a few specifications:

Cutting system
Cutter width 41 mm
Cutting element Stainless steel blades
Number of length settings 13
Range of length settings From 0.5 to 23 mm
Precision (size of steps) By 2 mm
Power system
Operation Corded only
Ease of use
Cleaning Washable blades
Maintenance free No oil needed
2-year worldwide guarantee Yes (Plus 3-years with registration)

I was going monthly to a barber shop for my hair and I always wanted to cut my hair at home. So buying a hair clipper was a good idea.

I use it 1-2 times each week and I can’t say I have any complaints until now. It is a really good deal for its price.
Initially I bought it just to cut my hair, afterwards I wanted to also give it a try on my beard. And since the first try I’ve stopped using my Mach 3 from Gillette.
The power cord is pretty long, 2 m. It is easy to use and also easy to clean afterwards.

I keep my hair pretty short. You could have problems trying to cut longer hair. I heard people complaining that they had to stop to remove the hair. But for me it works excellent!

I can say I got my money back already.

Philips HC3410